Putting Up The Tree

We didn’t get the tree up yesterday because I got busy on the computer working on client orders. So this morning we decided we would get it put up before our busy day started. And right now, Nona is letting me know she’s not very happy with me. She’s letting me know that just because the tree is up does not mean it’s done. She pointed out that half the lights aren’t even working and where are the ornaments? So, I’m trying to figure out which bulb is loose or burned out and she’s supervising. She’s not a very helpful supervisor. She just wants to get the ornaments on the tree! #NonaStudioElf

We're not done yet!

We’re not done yet!

Meet My New Studio Assistant!

I got a surprise visit this morning! I got to the studio early and was planning on getting my Christmas decorations up when I had an unexpected guest show up.

Full of apologies for being late, she introduced herself as Nona Christmas, or as she said, “Nona C, but my friends call me Nona for short!” And short she is. Including her hat, Nona stands about a foot tall. When I asked what did she mean by being late, this is the story she told me, “I was supposed to be here yesterday. But I got distracted by the candy shop just a few doors down. Do you have any idea how amazing that place is? We’ve heard about Widman’s Candy at the North Pole, and I couldn’t believe my luck in getting chosen to go to your town. There are SOOOO many wonderful candies and chocolates there. It took me this long to figure out what I wanted!” I told her I understood and we munched on some chippers and chocolate while we visited. Now it’s time to get that tree set up!

Nona is going to be staying at the studio with me this month. I can’t wait to get to know her better and share her adventures with everyone! I think she’ll be a fun assistant. #NonaStudioElf

Meet Nona!

Meet Nona!

Holiday Schedule

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We are now down to less than a month for Christmas! Here is the studio schedule for the holidays.

Monday: 9:30-5:00 (closed from 3:15-4:00)
Tuesday: 9:30-5:00 (closed from 3:15-4:00)
Wednesday: 9:30-5:30 (closed from 3:15-4:00)
Thursday: 9:30-3:15
Friday: 9:30-3:15

As always, I have a limited number of evening and weekend appointments available.

Some important dates to note for the studio:
Wednesday, November 30th: Last day for sessions for Christmas Delivery.
Friday, December 9th: Last day for regular orders for Christmas Delivery.
Friday, December 16th: Last day for rush orders for Christmas Delivery. (Rush order fee will apply.)
Thursday, December 22nd: Closing at 1pm.
Friday, December 23rd: Studio will be closed. Limited sessions available by appointment only.
Saturday, December 24th: Closed.
Sunday, December 25th: Closed.
Monday, December 26th: Closed. Limited sessions available by appointment only. (Holiday fee applies.)
Tuesday, December 27th: Closed. Limited sessions available by appointment only. (Holiday fee applies.)

Thanks again to all of the wonderful people I work with throughout the year. I have loved being a part of your family’s lives.

Family Mini Sessions

This is a great time to get a head start on family photos for the holidays! Get ready for the last mini session of the year. From Saturday, October 1st through Saturday, October 8th, take advantage of this special offer. Evening and weekend appointments are still available, but limited and will fill up fast!


Contact me for more information and to set up your appointment time!