Session Information

A few notes and tips for your session!

Reminder: The session fee is required to reserve your date and time. I can accept cash, check, or credit/debit card as payment.

Be well rested and have something to eat before your session. (Twice as important for kids!)

If your child is sick or just had shots, please consider rescheduling. In general, I do require a 24 hour cancellation notice, but I’m also a mom, and I know that’s not always possible. The final images of your child will be so much better if they aren’t fussy or not feeling well, so I’m happy to reschedule in those circumstances.

For clothing, the simpler the better. Try to avoid loud or busy patterns as it will detract from your face. Long sleeved shirts are better than short sleeves, and short sleeves are preferred over tank tops or straps. For a group, clothing does not have to perfectly match. It is perfectly acceptable to have different styles of clothes as long as the colors don’t clash. It is even more important for group photos to avoid patterns.

Also, be sure to pick out your clothing the day before. This will give you time to look it over and make sure it is wrinkle free. (Shirts and pants!) Be sure shoes are complimentary to the outfit as well.

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