Meet Nona C

Since the last few days were so busy, Nona and I haven’t had much of a chance to really get to know each other. So today she got a chance to tell me about herself while we shared some hot cocoa.

She tells me that she grew up in the North Pole. She has lots of elf friends and family who all have different jobs to help out Santa. While the most common elf job is to help build toys, she said it’s really not a lot different than any other town in the world. They have teachers and dentists as well as veterinarians to help take care of the reindeer. (She didn’t think I was very funny when I pointed out we don’t have reindeer here.) None of those things really interested her much. She was always curious about seeing what life was like outside of their village. When she heard about the elf scout program, she was so excited! She couldn’t wait until she was old enough to take her first trip. Although she did have a few moments of doubt when she was told she would be going to Crookston, MN. “Where is that?” she said. I kind of had to laugh, because that is usually the first response when I tell people where I live. But when she remembered that is where Widman’s Candy is, she was excited again.

So it’s totally appropriate that chocolate is just about her favorite thing in the world. I discovered we also share similar tastes in music. At least I assume that’s what the “SQUEEEEEEEE” meant when she heard Pentatonix on my playlist. She hasn’t done much with photography, but she’s excited to learn about it. We’ll see if she’s still excited when it comes to all the editing required. 🙂

I’ll be sharing more about Nona this month through Christmas. It should be a good time. 🙂


Some hot cocoa and some sharing!

Some hot cocoa and some sharing!

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