Ox Cart Days

Happy August everyone!

It seems like I just posted my last post yesterday, but I look back and see it was the end of May. Wow, this summer just FLEW by this year, didn’t it? It’s been a lot of fun, though. Both personally and with the studio. 🙂

I have some fun and exciting news to share with everyone, but I’m waiting until the end of this week with the Ox Cart Days Marketplace to announce it! In addition to the news, I’m also going to be offering some incredible sale prices on sessions as well as reorders from existing sessions.

One other thing I’m debuting is my new Signature Series Art Prints. I’ve shown a few of them before, but you really MUST see them in person! A web image doesn’t give as much as an impact as seeing these gorgeous prints up close and personal.

I will also have the photo booth at the Teen Dance again this year! I have so much fun with the booth, and I love watching the people get silly with the props!!!

I hope everyone has had as much fun this summer as I have. I hope to see you at the Marketplace on Friday from 4-7 and Saturday from 9-5!

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