A few quick notes

Hey everyone! Where did May go anyways? What a crazy month! Between all the school activities going on, the weather has also given us quite the roller-coaster ride! One week we’re cranking up the AC because we’ve hit 90+ degrees. In a few short days, we’re turning our heat back on because we’ve got freeze warnings! What the heck, right? 🙂

The studio is going to be closed on Friday, June 1st. I have to have an out-patient surgery that day and will be taking it easy for about two weeks following. After that, I have the photobooth at another graduation party, then the following week, I’ll have it at the Polk County Relay for Life again on June 15th. Don’t forget, the booth is available for wedding receptions as well. I do not need to be the wedding photographer for the event, and would love to share your happy event with you at the reception. Every time I’ve had the photobooth at an event, it has been a huge hit with everyone. I hear a lot of great comments and love watching everyone have fun with the props and the goofy expressions the booth captures. Send me an email for more information on reserving the booth for your own event! nicole@joyfulheartphoto.com

Studio hours are going to shift for the summer. I’m still going to be at the studio on Thursday and Friday for office hours, but with the kids being out of school, the hours will run from 10-4 instead of 9-3. This will start when I get re-open after my surgery on June 14th.

I hope everyone has a lot of fun plans for their summer!

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