Grad Party Planning

How bad is the Senioritis getting? Believe it or not, there is just over two months left until graduation day! And the best part about graduating (besides not tripping while you walk to get your piece of paper and a handshake) is the PARTY! There are only a few times where you get to have a huge party with your family and friends who are there just for you and your Grad Party is one of them!

A great way to remember all of your guests is to have the Joyful Heart Photo Booth at your party! With the rental package, you will have unlimited use of the photo booth and loads of photos to share.

Everything from the background to the design of the photos is customized for you at no additional charge.

Time is getting short, and several prime dates are already reserved. Email me to set up your reservation!

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2 Responses to Grad Party Planning

  1. JenipherK.Weber says:

    I really DISLIKE your rewards system! it tells you received 100 points for visiting, then to find out it didn’t register because you weren’t logged into FB. grrrrrrr

  2. Nicole - Joyful Heart Photography says:

    Good Morning, Jen! I’m looking into this. I think it’s just the way it is set up through the company who wrote the software for the rewards tracker. I will get back to you!