Remodeling sale – Half off session fees

Work is still taking place on the new studio. Trying to get it fixed up and looking good for everyone takes awhile. So… here’s the deal! If you schedule a standard portrait session for the rest of January, I will take 50% off the price of the session. Orders places within a week of the session (whether by online gallery or in person ordering) will get an additional 5% off their purchase price. You can see all the pricing information here.

This isn’t the kind of sale I run very often, so don’t wait to take advantage of it!

Don’t forget, starting today (Thursday, January 12th) I’m now keeping studio hours! I’ll be in the studio from 9am to 3pm on Thursdays and Fridays! I’m still available for sessions outside those hours, just set up an appointment with me! 🙂

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