End of the year

I’m sitting here, looking back at this year and thinking… wow. What a RIDE! I’ve seen a lot of wonderful things this year. Being asked to photograph the Gala For Girls father / daughter dance this last Feb, and being asked to return next year. Being given the opportunity to be involved in more weddings in this one year than in all the previous years combined. Getting to cuddle and love on all the squishy newborns that have been in my studio. Meeting so many new people and making friends with all of my clients. Being blessed with all of my repeat clients. Being able to give back to our armed forces with my involvement with Operation: Love ReUnited, and give their families some wonderful memories.  And my biggest change… moving to a new studio location at the end of this year. This year has more than met all of my expectations, and then some! I’m not going to say it was all good. Dealing with a broken lens and camera half way through the year, with the stress and expense of having to arrange for repairs and rentals during two (yes TWO!) of the busiest months of my year, were NOT high on my list of fun things. But it’s okay. That’s what being a professional is about. Being able to have backup equipment and dealing with things like this in such a way that your work with your clients is never affected.

I’m so seriously excited about the things I have planned for this coming year! My new studio space is HUGE and I have the ability for even more awesome stuff. As anyone who has been in my studio the last two months know, I have some BIG plans for the space and I can’t wait to share them with you when it’s all said and done. I’m adding some new products to my offerings, including jewelry and digital files. I will be running some specials throughout the year, including mini-sessions. (For those who aren’t sure… mini sessions are themed sessions. Generally a limited-edition session – something not available at any other time – and are shorter in length. The mini-session fee includes the session itself and a package with prints, digital files, or special product.)

Here is the second half of my favorites from last year. This isn’t all of my shoots, but a small handful of some of my favorite images. Here’s to an exciting 2012!!! Happy New Year everyone!!!

 Session Favorites 4   Session Favorites 5

 Session Favorites 6   Session Favorites 7

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