Back to School Sessions – Update and more info

I wanted to update everyone on the Back to School Mini Sessions I’m offering. I’m sweetening the deal. $5 of every package is going to go to a local charity. I haven’t decided between the Humane Society, United Way, the Foodbank, or Toys for Tots, so I’m going to let you choose at the time of your session. To make this even more fun, I’m offering up a contest!

Here’s how it works – the more people you refer, the better the deal for you. An eligible referral is one who completes a paid mini-session and gives me your name as the one who referred them.
Refer 5 people – Receive a complimentary mini-session.
Refer 10 people – Receive a complimentary family session with $100 print credit.
The Grand Prize will go to the person who refers the most people will receive a complimentary family session with the  “I Can’t Decide” digital collection valued at $250. That is a prize worth nearly $300!

There is only one Grand Prize, but the possibilities for the complimentary mini or family sessions, are unlimited.

Here’s why referring people to the Joyful Heart Mini Sessions is a great deal. There are two packages available for only $50, and you get a finished product from either of them. This isn’t a bait and switch where I pull you in with the promise of a free session and a couple of  free prints, only to do turn around and do the hard sale to pressure you to spend money, with secret pricing only available to see once you’ve finished the session. All of my portrait pricing is available for you to see on my website, so there are no surprises. I will give you several poses to choose from for your package. If you want to order more, you can, but I don’t believe in pressure sales. My sessions are fun and individualized. I am also a Certified Professional Photographer, fewer than 10% of professionals in the US have this distinction.

Don’t forget that you will be keeping your money local and supporting a local charity as well! 🙂

Find out more information about the mini-sessions here and give me a call or send me an email to set your appointment!

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