What a fun year!

It’s hard to believe that that there are only 3 days left in this year. It has gone by incredibly fast! There have been ups and downs, but I’m very happy with everything.

January is traditionally my “down time” after the holidays, and I intend to use it to get my site updated, update my pricing, and work on some new products to offer everyone! My regular portrait pricing won’t be changing, but I will be adding new products. However, my wedding pricing will be going through a major overhaul. I haven’t changed my pricing on weddings for more than two years, and it’s time to refresh those price lists and album options! For my current brides who are already booked, you will have the opportunity to upgrade to the newer packages/albums or stay with what you already are contracted for. I always lock in the print/product prices for my brides based on the day they book with me, so you never have to worry about prices going up unexpectedly. For the brides who have recently contacted me about pricing, I will also give you 30 days after I announce my new pricing to choose between 2010 packages and 2011 packages.

Also, stay tuned for a fun announcement I’ve been sitting on during the holiday season. (No, Mom, I’m not pregnant.) I was able to achieve a goal I’ve been working on for most of last year and in October I finally made it!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and got lots of fun new toys to play with. Here’s to a fun new year!!!!

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