Vegas trip!

Oh wow. I had SUCH a great time in Vegas!!! Strangely enough, I didn’t do any gambling or go see any shows. And I only ate at one semi-expensive place. (Margaritaville… that was fun!) What I DID do was go to one of the largest photography conventions in the nation. Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) held a convention at the MGM. I went to seven different classes, sat in on part of the judging, and spent HOURS walking around a huge tradeshow. It was literally so big that the first day it was open, I spent about 3 and a half hours walking around and didn’t even double back over where I had been. Needless to say that I did spend a lot of  money while I was there! LOL 😀

It was so exciting to be completely immersed in photography. I learned a load of info, picked up some awesome stuff. (Nothing much that my clients will see, but mostly items that will help me do an even better job!) And I made some great friends.

Getting back from Vegas was a bit difficult! Not only did I not want to leave, but apparently I wasn’t meant to get back! LOL With the fog in Grand Forks, I got home nearly 12 hours later than I had expected to. That was a loooooong day!

Here are a few photos from the city that never sleeps! This first one is a group of people that I “know” from the Silverlake Photography forums. I’ve met Travis and Paula (the owners – the couple on the left) before, but the rest are people I met for the first time in Vegas. It was fun getting to put faces to people I’ve chatted with over the last few years. Nearly all of my backgrounds are Silverlakes, and I absolutely ADORE my Silverlakes!

WPPI Silverlake Group

WPPI Las Vegas 2010

WPPI Las Vegas 2010

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