Amanda and Aaron

Amanda and I first met in a childbirth class. We ended up having our baby boys on the same day! Her son, Michael, is only a few hours older than Brandon. Later on, I actually worked with Aaron for a few months at the same grocery store. So, I’ve known these guys for quite awhile now! In the past, Amanda had her own massage therapy business, and I can say she is VERY good at it! LOL  She’s currently going back to college to pursue a different degree, so life is always an adventure for her!

These guys are also a load of fun to photograph. And it helps that they’re all really photogenic! Michael is a little stinker, but what little boy isn’t one at that age? I know mine is!




Did I mention that they also LOVE the Vikings? I heard that someone had a purple mohawk in honor of their favorite team!

I was thrilled to have them in for photos again. Thanks guys!

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