What exactly is…

… a portrait party?  In just a couple of words, it’s a lot of fun. A portrait party is fairly similar to other in home parties, and the focus of it (yes, I know, bad pun) is to have your family or children’s portraits taken. It’s a win-win situation for everyone. The host is able to earn credits toward their own portraits, and the guests are able to have a discounted session. The portraits are taken in a relaxed environment, and everyone has a great time visiting with their family and friends.

I’m the busiest with portrait parties during this time of year. It’s the traditional time to have family pictures taken, especially for the Christmas cards and letters. But, portrait parties are good year round. I haven’t had a chance to do this yet, but I’ve heard of people having “themed” portrait parties, and I can’t wait until I have a chance to do one! Is your little girl into fairies and princesses? Is your son into sports? How about inviting over some of their close friends and having them all dress up? Or for us “bigger kids”, how about a football theme? (Go Vikings!) Portrait parties aren’t limited to indoor sessions, either! How about a sledding party? Or in the spring time, a tea party in the park?  There are a lot of fun options, limited only by your imagination.

Getting back to the holidays, I do have a deadline for portrait parties for Christmas delivery. The last day for a portrait party is Sunday, November 22nd. This allows enough time for people to choose their pictures, and for me to have them delivered to them before Christmas.

One last note on portrait parties… I will still honor my Holiday Special. With the purchase of an 11×14 wall portrait or larger, you will receive one free digital file of your choice and printing rights to the photo. That means you can chose a beautiful family portrait for your living room, and a digital file of your kids for your Christmas cards. You can use the file to print anything from cards, to wallets, to wall portraits. The only limitation is I ask you not to do some really obscure editing to it (mustaches, anyone?) and you are not able to sell it or enter it into contests. (So many of those “cute baby” contests have in the fine print that if you submit a picture to them, you are giving them permission to do anything they want to do with it! Not something you or I want!)

As always, the best way to get ahold of me is by email. I’m able to check my email several times during the day, and can respond back usually within an hour or two. If you contact me by phone, make sure to leave a voice mail message! I’m not able to answer the phone while working my day job, so it makes it easier if I know who is calling me. 🙂

Stay warm, and stay healthy!

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