Wow. What happened?

Ever feel like Rip Van Winkle? I mean, you go to bed one night and it’s the middle of April. You wake up the next morning and there’s only one day left in May? Huh? What’d I miss? It’s days (weeks, months, etc) like this that make me a bad blogger. No one is gonna be interested if there’s nothing new to read. Gee whiz. 

Well, hopefully I’m going to wake up, get the cobwebs cleared, and start being active again. I have several shoots already lined up in June and am starting on July! I’m definitely looking forward to Randee and Chris’s wedding, Avery’s First Birthday Photos, and Shane’s 5 year old session, among other things! 
Some news to announce. July 1st will be bringing some changes to my pricing. I’ll still be offering separate session and print pricing, but I’m going to be adding in some packages that I think will be very interesting for everyone! Some prices are going to be going up, but there is a grace period. Anyone who schedules a July or August session with me before June 30th will be grandfathered in to the old pricing or may choose one of the new packages if they desire! 
Keep an eye on the website. I have a few minor tweaks to finish, and then there will be a whole new look to it! I may even have a small contest for the grand reveal. 🙂
Have fun everyone and enjoy the beautiful weather! (Even if it’s raining, because remember… it could be snowing instead!LOL)
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