Crazy weather

I blame my current cold on this insane weather. It just can’t be good for the body to have to keep adjusting to the extreme swings in temps like we have. One week we’re wearing coats and heavy clothes. The next we’re wearing short sleeve shirts (and the brave – or crazy – among us have been wearing shorts) and running around without our coats enjoying the warm sunshine. A few days later, we’re huddling under umbrellas and wondering why we put our coats away already. Then guess what? We’ve got more snow on the ground and they’re saying we’ll have temps in the 40’s by the end of the week again. Ugh. Let me off this rollercoaster!

My mom had surgery on her ankle. Again. This time they went in, removed a bone spur, and then lengthened the tendon. She gets to spend the next 8 weeks putting absolutely no weight on that foot. She has this nifty scooter thing that she kneels on with the bad leg, and then kind of hops with the other one. Better than crutches, she said. But, she’s dealing with a lot of pain from the surgery. She said on a scale of 1-10, it’s a 12. 🙁  I hope it eases up for her soon.
I don’t have anything new to show at this time. I’m working on some orders I’ve received and then I’m going to put some thought into redoing my site a bit. We’ll see how ambitious I get with it.
Have fun and stay warm!
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