Behind the scenes…

I haven’t posted a lot lately, but I’ve had some things going on behind the scenes. Keep tuned within the next few weeks to see what’s happening!

While I’m at it… Congratulations to Randee and Chris on the birth of their new baby girl! Lydia Grace was born on April 15th and weighed 7lbs 2oz. Welcome to the world baby girl Lydia!!! 

My mom is doing okay from her surgery. Getting tired of not being able to do a whole lot by herself, but the pain is going down. I think she has about another month before she might be able to start walking again. 
Something fun that I treated myself to is a new phone. Hubby and I decided to get a set of Blackberry phones. I’ve been using a prepaid phone service for the last 4 or 5 years and I was tired of it. And I wanted a fancier phone. 🙂 Yeah… it’s all about the toys. There is definitely a learning curve to this phone, but it can do so many COOL things! 
With any luck, spring will stick around now and I can’t wait! Bring on the sun!
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