Will this winter never end?

This seems to be going down as one of the worst winters I’ve been through in awhile. Several rounds of stomach flu have gone through our house (the worst round back at the beginning of this month which got everyone but the hubby), and then Brandon came down with something last week and ended up with viral pneumonia. About the only reason he didn’t get thrown in the hospital is because we own a home nebulisor unit and were able to give him the breathing treatments (every four hours, night and day) that the hospital would have done. I also am getting over a cold, which was probably the same bug that he had, as I was also coughing and congested for several days. 

Despite all that, I have been busy with photographs. I just haven’t gotten many up lately! I returned to Val’s house last week to take pictures of her 2 year old twins and her 4 year daughter. Those kids are so much fun. The 2 year old boy wasn’t having anything to do with pictures, but once I broke out the bubbles, we got a couple of good shots. But that was the end of it for him! LOL
I also had the opportunity to photograph some engagement shots for one of my summer weddings. Those two are such a fun couple. They had me laughing nearly the entire time I was there! I can’t wait until June so we can all have fun at their wedding!
I also returned to Jen’s house to reshoot her two youngest children this week. This shoot went a lot better and we got some great shots. And we were all exhausted by the time we were done because those two were everywhere! 
I’ll be posting some pictures of these shoots over the week. Don’t want to over load all at once! But for now, I’m off to bed. I managed to pull a muscle in my back and need to see if I can get it to relax because I’m tired of being in pain. Advil has been my friend the last few days!
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