Heading West

I’ll be heading back to Idaho sometime in the next few days. Grandma is not doing well at all, and her hospice nurses have said that she probably doesn’t have much time left. A few weeks, tops. In an update that I received today from my mom, there is apparently no breathing sounds in Grandma’s right lung and the left just has “crackles and wheezes.” Not good at all.

I will be taking a leave of absence from work and have to reschedule a few photo shoots. I sincerely appreciate my clients for working with me during this hard time. I’m also glad that I work for a company that despite its share of problems will allow me to take this needed time off to spend with my family. I know that not all companies care what happens to your family. When my husband’s dad died, he had some issues with his job as he had to take a couple of extra days off due to the funeral being scheduled a few days later than “usual” due to a holiday weekend.

Please pray for my family and that Grandma’s passing is an easy and peaceful one.

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