Another update

Just a quick update on Grandma as it’s really late right now.

This last week she’s started to have trouble breathing. She is getting very short of breath and she feels like she isn’t getting any air. This prompts an anxiety attack which only makes things worse. Luckily the first time this happened one of the hospice nurses was there, and was able to help everyone get through it okay.

Grandma is now on oxygen and also has a breathing treatment that she has done several times a day to help her to keep breathing well. The nurse is also going to recommend that Grandma be put on an anti-anxiety medication to help keep her calm which will also help with the breathing.

I’m considering making a fast trip out to Idaho to see everyone again, but money is extremely tight (as it is with everyone this time of year), and there is an unfortunate chance that I could be planning a trip only to end up going out sooner for sadder reasons. Being pessimistic like that is not like me, but sometimes you have to be realistic. Grandma made it through the holidays for which I will always be thankful, but it appears that she may not be with us for very much longer.

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One Response to Another update

  1. Jenipher Weber says:

    my thoughts and prayers are with you! If you need anything please dont hesitate to call!

    Jenipher K. Weber