Surprised us all

I honestly thought that kids didn’t start losing their baby teeth until they were at least 6 or 7 years old. So it was hard to decide who was more surprised when Isaac came into the living room today telling us about his “broken” tooth. We looked him over, got the little bit of bleeding stopped, got him calmed down (he was okay until he saw the blood), and then one call to my mom later we decided everything was okay. *LOL* A quick google search finally convinced me. My kid isn’t losing his teeth or having them break off, it’s just the normal baby tooth thing. He did turn 5 years old last week, so it’s not even that he’s losing them early.

I remember losing my baby teeth. I hated it. Absolutely hated it. I would hide a loose tooth from my parents rather than let them “help” me pull it out. I remember one time when I wasn’t successful at the hiding. My mom had tied a length of dental floss around the offending tooth, but I wouldn’t let her touch the floss. My dad picked me up and started lifting me up and down. They waited until I started laughing, then when I was on the way up, Mom grabbed the string. No more tooth! I still remember how mad I was at them for that! I told my mom the story today and she didn’t even remember it at all.

So, I’ve informed Bill there will be no traumatising of the boys, and he has to deal with all the lose teeth.

Kids grow up too fast….

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