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This has been an emotional week for me. Many times I’ve been on the point of crying, many times I have cried, and many times I have just found myself saying WTF??? (Rough translation… “What the Firetruck?” I know you know what I mean.

I’ve seen some great examples of generosity and kindness, and heard of some horrifying examples of how low people can stoop.

Earlier this week, the wife of a close co-worker died unexpectedly. This took me rather hard. I’ve met her a few times, and I enjoy working with him. I’m still shocked by how sudden and senseless it is for a 36 year old woman to just stop breathing. She left behind two small children as well as her husband. At work, there was a potluck benefit to help him out with his expenses. Even during these difficult financial times, we raised over $200 to help his family. Those who brought in food donated even more than just the money. They donated their time.

Today, Black Friday, I have heard that people have become so involved in the materialism of the season, that innocent people have died. At a Walmart in New York, a crowd of over 2,000 people literally broke down the doors trying to get into the store before the 5am sale, and an employee was trampled in the resulting stampede. When the officials tried to perform CPR on the victim, people kept stepping on or stepping over them in their rush for marked down tvs, movies, and jeans. Officials tried to clear the store, and people just ignored them and said “We’re here for the sale, you can’t make us leave.” In a Toy’s R Us in California, two people were killed in a shooting inside the store. In a toy store, for goodness sakes.

In the store I work in, while no one died or was injured, there were many instances of customers yelling, swearing, and just down right rude. Is it really necessary to call a member of management a bitch because she won’t give you a non-sale tv for the sale price? Especially when the sale is clearly marked “While supplies last.” And it’s nearly five hours after the sale had started? I mean, really? Is this the best example you have of your life?

Earlier this week, I was in Idaho spending time with my family. It could possibly be the last time I see my grandma alive. It’s not a comfortable thought, but it is one that I can deal with and accept. I was able to spend some time with her and if it is the last time I see her, then I will mourn her, but I had a chance to say goodbye. These families never had that chance. For this, I cry.

Life doesn’t make sense sometimes. You take the good with the bad. You wish some people would behave better and you are thankful that some people are as generous as they are. I really have no purpose in writing all this except for the fact it is a way of dealing with my own emotions. Hug your kids. Kiss your spouse. Smile at a stranger. Plan for the future. And live for the moment. Sometimes, it’s all we have.

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