In Idaho!

It feels really good to see the mountains again! Not to mention my family. Grandma is doing okay. She has moments/days where she is very shakey and isn’t able to much beyond lie in bed or sit in the recliner and sleep. Then other times she’s more awake and more “with it” and able to participate in conversations, as well as move around a little bit. Not a lot, she doesn’t have much strength at all, so when she’s shakey, it’s all we can do to get her from the bed to the wheelchair.

My Mom is having foot surgery this morning. She has an inflammed Achilles Tendon, and has been wearing an airboot thing nearly all summer to keep it from rupturing and hopefully let it heal on its own. But it’s still inflammed, so the doc said “It’s time to do something about this.” Mom has to stay off her feet through Monday, but will be in the airboot thing for about 6 more weeks. I hope this fixes the problem.

Bill is playing bachelor with the boys. It would be more fun if they felt better. Bill has a cold and Brandon is still fighting the last bit of the flu bug he had earlier in the week. I feel bad for leaving them there like that, but I know they’ll be fine.

That’s the news, and why there hasn’t been much from me lately. Too busy dealing with sick kids, working, and getting ready for this trip.

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