I guess I don't already have enough to do…

I found a really awesome new hosting site for my webpage. It’s even better than the one I have now, and will offer new features for me, as well as for my customers. It also costs about half as much as my current one. Woohoo!!! However, I’m now on a time crunch to get it finished before the renewel date (done monthly) of my current site. Ack!

So, sometime before the 20th, I will be unveiling my new and improved website! I also have a new, slightly tweaked logo that I’m really liking. It is also my plan to unveil my new products. Just in time for those last minute Christmas portrait sessions!

Keep checking in. I still have images from last week’s portrait party to share. Next Saturday I also have an engagement session that I am really looking forward to. Engagement sessions are a whole lot of fun!

Don’t forget the deadlines for Christmas!
November 14th – last day for portrait parties.
November 19th – last day for regular sessions.
December 1st – last day for normal orders
December 15th – last day for rush orders.
December 16th – January 1st – no portrait sessions or orders taken.

Last note… Grandma had a biopsy done of some “suspicious” looking spots in her lungs. The doctor removed something roughly the size of a golf ball and it the surgeon said it didn’t look good. She’s home at my mom’s now after the biopsy, and they’re all waiting to find out the results. Hopefully the doctor will get them in on Monday, but it is looking like it will be Wednesday. Please keep her, my mom, and my aunt in your prayers.

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