Just a quick update on how my Grandma is doing. She gets to go back to surgery this evening. She apparently pulled out her drainage tube out of the incision in her jaw last night. The doctor is going to reinsert it and will probably debride (clean out) the incision area. He may have to remove a graft as it hasn’t been getting the blood supply that it should have been. The graft came from her leg, but the leg it came from was the one that was affected by her spinal stroke several years back. I suppose they choose that leg so that her stronger leg remained strong. But she has had some severe cramping in the leg that they took the grafts from. Today, it took nearly two hours of massage and two doses of morphine to calm her leg down enough to let her rest.

Yesterday she was sitting up and actually was standing for a short bit as part of her physical therapy. Hopefully tonight’s surgery won’t affect her progress in that area.

Thanks to all of those who have been keeping her in their thoughts and prayers. It has been needed, helpful, and greatly appreciated!

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