One week in….

And I haven’t changed my monthly special yet! Wow. Where is this month going, anyways?

So, for the month of July, I’m offering a set of eight wallets complimentary with your portrait order. If your order is more than $100, I’ll make it three sets. 🙂

I’m still looking for models for my portfolio. I’m needing babies and high school seniors. Slightly different offer this month. I won’t be repeating it again next month. 🙂 In order to qualify, the baby must be less than 1 year old, or the Senior must be graduating in spring of 2009. Creation Fee is full price, but you’ll receive 50% off all portrait purchases. You must be willing to sign a release authorising me to use your image (or your child’s image if they are under 18 years old) on my website, blog, or for advertising purposes.

Lastly, an update on my Grandma. The doctor did end up removing all of the graft from her jaw. She’ll need to heal for at least six weeks and then they can attempt another graft. She’s having some pain from the surgery, but they are keeping on top of it with medication. One thing that is a bit of a bummer… she had to start the ten days with the feeding tube all over again. So, she’ll probably end up having to go home with it in place. But, they’re working on the physcial therapy, and she is making progress, even if it is completely wearing her out. I’m so glad that my Aunt Chris and Mom are able to take care of her.

The end of this month, my family and I are going to be traveling west to visit my parents, brother, as well as Grandma and Aunt Chris. We’ll be leaving July 25th and coming back on August 3rd. I’ll post a reminder about it when we get closer to the date.

That’s the news for now. Keep an eye out for pictures from the family reunion from last weekend. 28 people and a dog! It was a great time.

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One Response to One week in….

  1. Jenipher Weber says:

    Hey Nicole! great July special! I’m trying to figure out How I could rearrange my living room so I can have Makoti’s pictures taken, hhhmmhmhm I sure had fun taking pictures with you on Saturday the 5th, I can’t wait to see the family picture!
    I wish your Gramma a speedy recovery, she is in our thoughts and prayers!
    Jenipher Weber