Just my kids

Not much at all that’s new. It was a beautiful day today, so I took the boys to the park and let them play a bit. I was having fun watching them and playing with my camera. I did put it down and play with them until daddy came home for lunch. 🙂


The last one was a special request from my Grandma. She sent the boys some sandals and wanted me to take pics of their little feet. Of course we can do that!

My Grandma is actually currently in the hospital right now. On Monday, June 30th, she had a surgery to remove cancer from her jawbone. It was supposed to be a 10 hour surgery, but it went really well and only lasted 7 hours. The doctors have no reason to believe any cancer is left, but will discuss other options like chemo and what not later. She just got out of ICU today, but will have a feeding tube for about another week. She’s been fighting a pretty high fever the last few days, but it finally came down and they let her out of ICU. She’s on the 8th floor at the hospital, and the nurses say she’ll have an excellent view for the fireworks tomorrow night! If anyone would like to add her to their thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery and to aid her in the fight against her cancer, that would be awesome. Prayers work and are greatly appreciated. 🙂

Thanks again everyone!

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