Almost vacation time!

I can’t wait!

Since I’m not taking any more appointments this month (I’ll be just “slightly” out of town) if you contact me by email before July 31st, I’ll honor July’s specials with your August photo session. I will check my email from time to time, but may not be able to reply right away. So just don’t give up on me!

And even better news…. Grandma is looking to be discharged from the hospital on Friday. Yippee! She’s doing really well, getting stronger every day. She even did eight stair steps today. Every day she takes a longer walk. Go Grandma! I’m so glad she’ll be able to be out of the hospital. She’ll be a lot more comfortable at my Mom’s house. They’re thinking they’ll do more surgery in 3 weeks in order to give her time to get stronger and for the original surgery to heal up more. Thanks again to EVERYONE who has been keeping her in their thoughts and prayers. It means so much to me!

I had a photo session yesterday for Michael a fun little boy who kept me hopping. I’m hoping to have the pics edited tonight, so keep an eye out for them!

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