Rain go AWAY!!!

Okay, I’m sick of the rain now. I’m ready for some sunshine! The funny thing is that near where my parent’s live (in Idaho) received 3 inches of snow last night. Very weird weather for June.

I gave myself a rainy day project. For the artistic people out there, I have something new. I’m offering 3 packs of textures (8 textures in a pack) for $20 per pack. For those who are familiar with photoshop, adding textures can add a new “look” to your photos. For example:

Sample 1

Send me an email to joyfulheartphoto@gmail.com if you’re interested in purchasing a set. I’ll send you a paypal invoice and once I have received payment, I’ll send you the zipped files.

Indoor Set #1 Samples.

Indoor Set #2 Samples

Outdoor Set #1 Samples

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